Four people, barricaded in the the light-flooded top levels of a skyscraper, hiding from the horrors that lurk in the darkness...

Highrisers is a pixel-styled Build-and-Explore Urban Survival-RPG, coming for PC.

You control the four survivors, on their quest to survive all this and somehow leave the city.

Dark One walking


Hiding in the dimly lit urban canyons and the lower floors during the days, those creatures come out at sunset and crawl up the stairs to besiege the last survivors.

Kumquat growing

Grow Food

If someone in your group has knowledge about botany, go and grow something edible!

Fusebox with sparks


Use every spare part that you can gather; scavenge all you can find, try to repair some of the building equipment and improvise devices that hopefully help you to see another dawn....

Meet Ike

An experienced helicopter pilot and former army mechanic, who prefers to put his skills to use to make something fly, crash or explode; preferably all at the same time....

Meet Jes

A young rebel and hacker, smart and unshrinking, with a knack for electronics.

Build & Research

Utilize everything you can lay your hands on! You will need building materials, spare parts, chemicals and much more, if you want to make a stand against the blind assailants with more than just a wooden club...

Research, Construction and Gardening

Repair the helicopter

The helicopter on the roof has seen better days... It will never fly long distances again, but maybe you can patch it up just enough for a short jump onto the next building.

Helicopter on the roof

Customize your skills

Each character has various skills in which you can invest. Which one will you focus on? Medicine or Mechanics? Construction or Chemistry? Electronics or Engineering?

Ike's Skilltree

Survive to see another dawn

Every night, when the last beams of sunlight disappear behind the skyline on the horizon, they will crawl upwards. They will batter upon your barricades. And they will try to get you.

Sunrise after the battle